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It's all my Art that actually makes it up onto my lovely page.


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Kraton Clayburn Telos by Manic6605
Kraton Clayburn Telos

This is Kraton during most of my Universe Alpha Series. Kraton = King
He's better than you.
Representation: South Carolina

Human name: Edward L. Jones (His name used to be James, but after the Civil War began, he changed his name to Edward.)

Location: United States of America on North America in the Northern Hemisphere on Earth in the Sol, Solar System. O u O

Apparent age: 20

Physical details:
Edward is about 5'10", he has a toned body, but not too muscled. His hair is a dirty blond and cut to a neat short style. His eyes are Carolina Blue, and his jaw line is strong. He has no facial hair because he believes it makes him look "dirty".

He has a scar on his chest just above his heart, he got this when he separated himself from the nation at the beginning of the Civil War. He wanted to show Alfred how serious he was about leaving the Union that he cut his own heart out, which was his official tie to America, and threw it to the ground. Because he was the head of the Confederacy for a short while, his heart grew back relatively fast. However, the scar never faded.
He has another scar on his forehead that's pretty faded now. It has no historical significance, he was just jumping off of a rock into a lake and he hit his head.

Edward is your typical southern charmer. A true gentleman. He's kind to the ladies and friendly with the men. He will hold up an umbrella for an elderly lady, and hold the door open for large groups of people or just one person. He often offers to help mothers with their bags to their cars, and he always thanks a soldier for his service to their country.

He gets along with almost everyone, so long as they believe similarly to him. He has a strong belief in the God of the Bible, and leans tightly to the right side of the political spectrum. So long as you either agree or keep your opinion mostly to yourself, he is truly a wonderful person to be around.

He enjoys a good backyard game of football or baseball, and he loves a good cookout. He prefers home cooked meals to restaurant or fast food, but sometimes, he really gets in the mood for some Rush's or McDonalds. On the weekends, Edward enjoys heading to the mountains or the beach for a nice vacation. His favorite spots are Myrtle Beach, Charleston, Lake Keowee, and Lake Murray. Occasionally, you'll find him on Hilton Head Island golfing, or taking a trip to Charlotte for a Carolina Panthers football game, or to Savannah, GA to hang out on the Riverfront.

Relations with other characters:
South Carolina has pretty decent relations with most of the southern states:
North Carolina is his twin brother whom he is incredibly close to. They attend a lot of Panthers games together.
Georgia is his best friend out of all the states, and he spends a lot time with them. They go to the mountains and lakes together a lot.
Tennessee is another close friend of his. They like to go camping and hiking together and share country music.
Alabama, Mississippi, Arkansas, and Louisiana are good friends of his. He spends time with them once in awhile.
Texas is someone he has always looked up too until recently. Texas has gotten a bit too extreme for him to keep up.
Virginia, West Virginia, and Kentucky are all states he thinks fondly of, though he spends little time with them.
Outside of those, Missouri is the only other state he would willingly spend time with, besides Ohio, but everyone hangs out with Ohio.
He doesn't get along with California, however. The reason is truly unclear.

As for countries, South Carolina has indifferent relations with most of the world.
America, of course, is his father whom he respects but often disapproves of his choices, especially lately. He has threatened to recede from the nation in the last couple of weeks, but he's not as serious as he once was.
England is a distant relative of his, and he used to respect the man. However, lately, he considers him a pansy that needs a good smack across the face. He disagrees with how England has taken the guns from his policemen, and thinks he needs to crack down a bit harder on all the rebellion.
Canada is a good guy. Quiet. But good. They like to camping maybe once a year or so. Canada greatly enjoys coming to Hilton Head Island and they hang out when the nation visits there.
France is a loud-mouth showoff who Edward has some strange distant respect for. At one point in time (the Revolutionary War and Civil War) he respected the man greatly. However, lately? He finds him as more of a joke.
China is his sworn enemy. Most believe the sole reason for this is because of the amount of stuff China makes for us, and the amount of jobs China takes. However, when asked why he hates China so much, he just grunts and mutters something about communists.
Most other countries he cares little about, except he has a strange admiration for Prussia. It probably has to do with the help Prussia offered during the Revolution, but he never wants to talk about it.

Brief History:
South Carolina was the 8th State to be added to the original 13 colonies, and because of that, it gives him a big head sometimes when talking to the later added states, especially those past the Louisiana Purchase.
During the Revolutionary War, he made a fort off the shore of Charleston out of Palmetto trees. He did not know this, but the wood of those trees was incredibly soft, and therefore, when the cannon balls from the British hit it, the wood didn't splinter, but instead absorbed the canon balls and let them fall into the ocean. This is why the Palmetto tree is on his flag, all over his capital, all over Charleston, all in pictures all over his house, on some of his clothes, and in a lot of his interior design choices. The crescent moon is also prevalent in a lot of these things, and that's because the soldiers of that fort had a crescent on their sleeve. We think, or it may have been due to the shape of the bill on their helmets, or maybe it was night time when the cannon balls hit. He changes the story from time to time.
As stated earlier, South Carolina was the first state to recede from the nation during the start of the Civil War. This gives him a slightly big head whenever someone mentions the Civil War. In fact, he still flies the confederate flag in front of the state house.
After the Civil War, not much has happened in South Carolina. At some point in 2011, the population of Greenville surpassed the population living in LA and people began calling Greenville G-Vegas as a joke. And other than the occasional political scandal, not much else happens in South Carolina, and Edward prefers it that way. The Spotlight is not a place he likes to hang out in.

Any other thoughts on said character:
Edward owns three homes in his state. One in the mountains in a town called Sunset, one in Columbia, the Capital, and his last one in Charleston. He used to have a house in Greenville, but he sold that in favor of buying a house-boat he keeps docked in Charleston.
He owns a truck that is a deep Carolina Blue.
South Carolina is in the Bible Belt of the nation, and many people refer to the upstate of this state as the buckle of that belt. And for those who live in the buckle know that the town of Simpsonville is the clip of that buckle. This is why his beliefs are so firmly Christian as opposed to any other religion.
This state is also notoriously a Red state. Even when it doesn't make much sense, you can count on South Carolina to go red. Long live the Elephant of Republic beliefs.
Edward is actually a closet gay. He doesn't tell anyone about this. The only ones who know are North Carolina, Georgia, and Alfred. (I chose to do this because of the shocking amount of closeted gay people in this state.)

Rp Sample:
Edward stood on the back porch of his house in Sunset which overlooked a beautiful private cove of Lake Keowee. He inhaled the clean mountain air mixed with the aroma of the coffee he held as a smile spread across his face. "I love it up here," he said in an exhale.
Life was stressful lately, especially for a state, but being up here made all those worries and cares seem so small and far away. He never thought much about them when he was up here. All he ever concerned himself with was fishing and making sure his boat stayed filled with gas.
His dog, a pug named Pancake, came sauntering out of the lake house and onto the porch. He came up next to him and sat down with a small huff. Edward looked down at him with a smile and shook his head. "Okay, let's get you fed."
He headed back inside and pulled Pancake's food dish and bag of food down off the top of the fridge, filled the dish, and set it on the ground on the doggy placemat under the breakfast counter. He put the bag back up and climbed up onto the barstool next to the food dish and watch his dog devour his meal. "Maybe we should go fishing today, what do you think Pancake? Sound good?" he waited as if he was expecting a reply, but he knew Pancake couldn't talk. "Hmm, maybe we should just take the sport boat out and swim. Or perhaps the Kiyak? Or do you just wanna hang out here while I take the jet ski out?"
At the last little bit, Pancake looked up at Edward and huffed indignantly. Edward chuckled to himself and leaned down to pat his pug on the head. "Okay, okay. I'll make sure to include you." Pancake seemed to nod before returning to his food dish.
Edward finished his coffee, put the mug in the sink, and grabbed Pancake's leash. "I think we should just start with a good swim."
Pancake barked his approval and the two headed down to the dock.


Mary aka Maryl aka Sarah
Artist | Student | Literature
United States
My name is Mary/Maryl/Sarah. I prefer the name Mary, but whatever you want to call me is honestly just fine! I'm currently a college student studying at University of South Carolina and trying to earn my Media Arts degree, which is proving harder then originally planned. I'm in a relationship with the most beautiful girl in the entire world, and I plan to stay that way forever. Also, even though I draw much more then I write, and you will find that my writings are much better then my drawings. So if you're looking for quality or semi-quality go for my writings.
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So I'm moving pretty quickly now with my story. I have an actual beginning that I want to use, and I now know exactly where I want to go next, step by step until I reach a certain point. I'll be uploading some little tidbits here and there for those of my watchers who still realize I am a thing. Nothing really revealing will be put up here, just character designs and maybe like part of a chapter or two every now and again. O u O

In other news, I have a Summer job grooming dogs at my Girlfriend's store. It's not a full time job, but I need to relax this Summer or I'll lose my damn mind. Plus I'd like to spend a lot of this Summer on my book and get a good portion of it pumped out, ya know? Is that selfish? I don't think so. It'll make me money for my family in the long run, right? Provided people buy this damn thing. 

I shouldn't write journals at 4am. I'm not lucid enough to do this, and I've been listening to the same 7 OneRepublic songs for 4 hours. :|

Also, I'm reading a lot more now, which is something else I want to do a lot of this Summer because I need to catch up on what I lost in High School. I'm currently in the beginning of Divergent and so far I'm not super impressed, but I'm not bored enough to put it up yet either. We'll see how it goes. It's no Pern series novel, but it's not as bad as Twilight or The Fault In Our Stars aka the Fault in our I'm a fucking prick bitch who needs to suck on a sock. :V 

In any case, that's all I wanted to say. Thank.

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